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What does market development mean to you?

Launching an educational product or entering a new market requires a significant investment of time and resources. Leverage provides the extra capacity and specialized talent your team needs to meet your growth objectives and scale your business.


Leverage the best talent in the business

With over 250 years of combined experience, our team has the depth and expertise to deliver results on every project.

When you engage someone to speak to professors on your behalf, that person represents your brand. We engage only the best in the business, and each of our representatives has the experience, focus, and organization you need to nurture relationships and close important deals.

Expand your market with live reviews

As our flagship solution, our experienced representatives host a series of one-on-one, personalized product demonstrations with professors and prospective customers to demonstrate new products, including textbooks and software resources.

"Our live review was a great way to get instructors involved... We've had sales presentations before, but it's nice to have a conversation with an intelligent person who can answer my questions. My hat's off to McGraw-Hill for doing it this way." (Nathan, University Professor)

"It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to learn about the [new] platform. I have learned many exciting features from Teresa Board, who is approachable, professional, and a wonderful person to speak with. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again in the future." (Lydia Chen, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology)

10 Years Leverage

Celebrating ten years in business

Leverage has been serving many of the world's top publishers since 2013. Here's to our excellent team, our great clients, and our continued success together!

Additional market development solutions

Market Development

Strategy development
Target identification
Product class tests
Script development
Market segmentation
Event marketing/recruiting
Focus groups

Market Research

Manage research projects
Existing data verification
New list builds


Sales tool development
Close adoptions
Rollover campaigns

Product Development

Product strategy
Market analysis
Competitive analysis
Product development reviews

Looking for more? Leverage can fill any sales, research, or market development need that requires a team of smart, dedicated, focused individuals to implement.

We deliver results

"Over the past year with COVID, it was a challenge for us to engage with instructors and move opportunities forward in the sales cycle…Leverage helped us with a 5-week live digital one-on-one review campaign, and it was great…We saw an immediate return with two fairly large adoptions from that campaign…The experience was great. It was very collaborative, and they were very responsive." ...read more

Angie Foster, Marketing Manager


“We work with Leverage primarily on pipeline development projects to generate interest, and also to give us feedback to inform our roadmap and make decisions about our products. We have a pretty small team, and this is a way for us to really scale and use our resources wisely...Once we’ve established what the goals are, Anne’s team can take it and run with it. and I don’t have to micromanage.” ...read more

Beth Bettcher, Portfolio Manager

McGraw Hill Education, Higher Education Group

"I love the work Leverage has done for us and look forward to future projects for our division. We love the thoroughness and the detailed information in the provided write-ups, and we appreciate the fact that they don't need hand-holding to get the work done. It's the best of both worlds."

Erin Cosyn, Portfolio Manager

McGraw-Hill Education

“A recent project Leverage completed for us has been invaluable to our young product and sales teams...Anne’s deep understanding of the academic market and sales process and her sincere desire to create value for her clients makes it a pleasure to work with her. It’s a luxury to be able to have complete confidence that the work from her team will be thorough, consistent, and accurate.”

Elizabeth O’Brien, Product Manager of Academic Markets

National Restaurant Association

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