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We conduct user research, one-on-one engagements, and digital product demos for ed tech companies—taking sales in existing or expanding markets to the next level.

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Need help with market dev?

Your team’s success depends on ongoing user research and customer conversations. When you’re able to execute well, it leads to higher sales and happier users.

But when your team is stretched to the max, these activities fall by the wayside. 

You’ve seen it happen: surveys don’t get enough responses, fewer interviews get scheduled, and demo requests go unfulfilled. 

Ultimately, products don’t reach their targets, and you risk falling short of your market development goals.

Leverage can help!

We’re professionals with in-depth experience in the educational publishing and technology industries, and we specialize in having a high volume of conversations with your customers.

With 10+ years in business, Leverage is your trusted partner to conduct surveys, run one-on-one engagements, host product demos—and bring you the actionable data and high ROI you need.

We help you talk to many more prospects and users—to bring you more success!


We love starting new project conversations early—but even on a rushed schedule, we’re ready to meet your needs.

“With Leverage, I know it will never be a problem to reach the number of customers we need to reach. I don’t know what their special sauce is! I’m always afraid it’s going to be like pulling teeth to reach our target number—but working with Leverage, we reach it easily.”

Kayla Shearns, Market Development Manager, Wiley

Leverage the best talent in the business

When we speak to your customers and prospects on your behalf, we represent your brand—ethically and authentically.

Our team has the experience, focus, and organization to nurture relationships on your behalf. You can trust that we’ll handle each conversation like your team would!

  • Build positive relationships with users
  • Make informed decisions about products in development
  • Build and measure brand affinity
  • Refine your message to appeal to your target market
  • Expand into new markets
  • Drive sales

Three simple steps to get started

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1. Meeting

Tell us about your project, scope, objectives, and budget.

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2. Proposal

Review our detailed proposal and dial it up or down as needed. You’re in the driver’s seat.

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3. Launch

Meet your dedicated project manager and team, schedule key dates, transfer all the necessary files, and get to work!

"We brought a question / issue to Leverage that we weren't sure how to solve ... The internal committee was so impressed with Anne's depth of curiosity and her efforts to help us solve our problem. They were like, 'WOW, she kept going with this, she outlined and sourced all of the information, and she came back with a solution.' It was incredibly insightful."

Kim Nentwig, Vice President, Higher Ed Sales and Marketing, Vista Higher Learning

What is market development exactly?

Market development is a growth strategy that involves selling existing products or services to a new group of prospects. At Leverage, we’re experts in the many activities that support the market development process.

  • It begins with market research. A segmentation analysis of your existing market allows you to shortlist those market segments you want to pursue and determine your strategy.
  • Next, you’ll get in touch with non-buying prospects in currently targeted segments and/or new prospects in new segments. These touches can be one-on-one engagements 
  • You get so much bang for your buck from a single market development call: feedback to inform product development, a sense of what’s resonating to inform your market messaging, a chance to walk your prospect through a detailed sales demo, and more.
  • Afterward, you’ll receive a high-quality, actionable summary of our results—on an account level to help you sell and on a market level to help you make decisions about product development and market messaging. 
  • While we’re selling, we can also be gathering data that can be used to clean up your CRM for future campaigns.
  • In short, market development is a two-way street! We’re the team you can trust to demo complex technology to your most VIP customers AND help you better understand their needs so you can develop products they will love.

Market development solutions

One-on-one engagements

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Product demos

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User research

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Product surveys

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Sales tools

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Looking for help with a custom project you don’t see above? Our dedicated team can fill any sales, research, or market development need.

Get in touch to discuss a customized plan!

“Leverage works really hard to understand what you’re trying to accomplish so they can fully meet your expectations. The feedback that you’ll receive at the end is so detailed and valuable that it will help you drive whatever decisions you’re seeking to make.”

Michelle Vogler, Senior Portfolio Director, McGraw Hill