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This way, you won’t have to source your own freelancers, hire an in-house sales force you don’t need, or do any heavy lifting! We take the freelancer management and HR hassles off your plate—call us, and we’ll run.

10 Years Leverage

At Leverage, we’re known for:


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We’re known for quality in everything we do, from hiring Leverage talent to customer conversations to the detailed feedback we provide. It’s also the central theme of our mission statement: “Quality of life for our team; quality, on-time results for our clients.”


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Leverage has been supporting busy ed tech teams since 2013. With extensive multi-industry experience, our team has the depth and expertise to deliver results on every project.


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Our clients stick with Leverage long-term because we deliver results and a high ROI. We’ll hit your target numbers, talk to key users, and provide the feedback you request—all so that you can deliver results to your team.

“Leverage helped us with a 5-week live digital one-on-one review campaign, and we saw an immediate return with two fairly large adoptions from that campaign. The follow-up and high-level analysis at the end of it worked really well. The attention to detail and the quality of the actual demos were stronger than in the other partnerships.”

Angie Foster, Marketing Manager, Wiley

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Anne Chiffoleau

Leverage Founder and CEO

The Leverage Story

When Anne Chiffoleau left her job as an award-winning sales rep in higher ed publishing, her life changed overnight in unexpected ways.

She was always driven and successful in her career, from early stints in business development, PR, and advertising through her sales tenure in educational publishing. But with a brand-new baby, Anne found herself with a high-travel/high-stress sales territory, a long commute, and a husband who traveled internationally for work—and family support was two flights away.

As a new mom, she needed more flexibility.

Anne’s stellar reputation in the publishing world led to invitations to work on publishing projects almost as soon as she left her job. She took them on—and soon, she was in high demand. After several years of doing the work solo, she began building a small team of fellow freelancers to reproduce and refine her exceptional results.

Before long, Anne was inspired to create the company of her dreams. She’s continued delivering high quality and value to her clients while offering opportunities to freelancers who also needed flexibility—giving her a chance to grow as a business owner and leader. 

Under Anne’s leadership, Leverage has evolved into a thriving business. There are many things she loves about her career these days, but her favorite part is still problem-solving with clients—digging in on projects, getting to know people, asking a million questions—and giving them the high standard of service for which Leverage is now well-known.

Meet a few of our rockstars!

The Leverage team is mighty and exceptionally talented. Here are some of our impressive staff members:

Jayme Chapman

Jayme Chapman

Project Manager
Jayme spent nine years in higher ed publishing, starting in sales and eventually providing custom solutions for universities. She decided to transition to freelance to spend more time with her family, and she was thrilled to stay in the industry she loves while continuing to solve problems for clients at Leverage.
Julie Cronin

Julie Cronin

Director of Project Management
Julie spent over 20 years in higher ed publishing, then pursued freelance opportunities that led her to Leverage in 2017. She’s a teacher at heart who loves the training and mentoring aspects of the role and is inspired by her dedicated and hard-working colleagues.
Carolyn Magness

Carolyn Magness

Project Manager
Carolyn spent eight years in the educational publishing industry before taking time off to care for her three small children. Working with Leverage since 2022, she appreciates being in a flexible role that allows her to keep up with her busy family while helping clients deliver world-class educational content.
Rachel Sampson

Rachel Sampson

Project Manager
After seven years as a K-12 World Languages educator, Rachel joined Leverage, where she’s delighted to continue her work in the education space. As Project Manager, she appreciates having the opportunity to collaborate with clients to create market-leading learning content (and a brighter future) for students.
Rachel Steffen

Rachel Steffen

Pipeline Manager
For over 20 years, Rachel has worked in the fields she now serves with Leverage: educational publishing and technology. She’s obsessed with data management and integrity, which makes her great at pipeline management. She feels lucky to work for a company that puts employees’ health and well-being at the center of work.
Sara Whittern

Sara Whittern

Project Manager
Dedicated to lifelong learning, Sara has worked for educational publishers for over 30 years. She intuitively understands the needs of her customers and enjoys helping them develop products to support learning among students of all ages. She’s thrilled to be part of the Leverage team.
Darlene Wilhelm

Darlene Wilhelm

Market Development Representative
With nearly 30 years of working for publishing and tech companies, Darlene knows how to have conversations with customers that result in actionable feedback and important discoveries. She appreciates working for a company that promotes a balanced lifestyle.

“I loved the product managers that I worked with, they were always there to answer my questions, I felt supported answering questions. It doesn’t feel high-pressure, tossing ideas back and forth, just that level of collaboration and getting along really well is super helpful.”

Since day one, our focus on talent and teamwork has been the key to Leverage’s success. Interested in freelance opportunities with our team?

Don’t go another semester without scheduling those surveys, interviews, and demos you need! Get in touch, and we’ll get your project launched.