Expand your market with live product reviews

As our flagship solution, our experienced representatives host a series of one-on-one, personalized product demonstrations with professors and prospective customers to demonstrate new products, including textbooks and software resources.

It's one of the best ways to engage, make an impression, and build trust with your top customers. After the reviews, our representatives present detailed feedback about each experience to you.

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How do live reviews work?

1. Connect

Our team sends out invitations, highlights incentives, and schedules live reviews with your targets.

2. Engage

Our experienced representatives host highly personalized, one-on-one product demonstrations with each target.

3. Report

You choose if Leverage reports feedback from your customers on an account level, a market level, or both; the depth of the feedback; and delivery format.

Additional Solutions from Leverage

No two academic markets or publishers are alike. Every solution at Leverage is individually crafted to address specific client needs, and our engagements range from "short and sweet" to in-depth, long-term collaborations. Leverage is truly a bespoke shop and doesn’t engage in one-size-fits-all solutions. 

Market Development

Strategy development

We help you develop a strategy to grow your market.

Target Identification

We help you identify which potential customers are viable and worth your investment.

Product Class Tests

Your customers test drive a chapter of a new product with their students in a live classroom setting.

Reverse Product Class Tests

Instructors participate as a student in a brief product trial. Can include exit feedback collection.

Market Surveys

We invite and encourage engagement with a broader audience. We analyze results to deliver reporting and follow-up strategy.

Script Development

Our team applies our proven framework to help develop talking points for live reviews and other sales/development opportunities.

Market Segmentation

When you have multiple products available to one market, we can help with strategies and campaigns to segment your market and get the right products in front of the right customers.

Data Cleanup

Market data is constantly changing, and having the right data impacts the success of your campaign.

Event Marketing/Recruiting

Leverage can help you populate live or virtual events. We build and segment guests' lists before sending invitations to live or virtual events.

Focus Groups

We collect feedback from customers in a group setting.

Market Research

Manage Research Projects

We help clients better understand their market through customized research projects.

Existing Data Verification

Stop wasting time on outdated leads. We help you verify and update targets in your database.

New List Builds

Looking to expand into a new market or territory? We help build new target lists from scratch.


Sales Tool Development

We can help create sales tools to help your sales reps sell a new project or call on a new or changing market.

Close Adoptions

Our team is available to follow-up with targets to close adoptions and sales.


We check in with existing customers to reinforce value, provide support, and collect valuable feedback.

Rollover Campaigns

We help introduce existing customers to product updates and help them "rollover" to the latest edition.

Product Development

Product Strategy

We help you understand what your customers want so you can design successful products.

Market Analysis

Where does your product fit in the market? We help you understand the data and find out what your customers are looking for.

Competitive Analysis

We help you understand how your products stack up against the competition.

Product Development Reviews

We engage customers in one-on-one conversations to get valuable feedback on your product.

Custom solutions

Looking for more? Leverage can fill any sales, research, or market development need that requires a team of smart, dedicated, focused individuals to implement. Contact us to schedule a meeting and learn more about how Leverage can help you grow.

The Leverage team is proficient in a variety of sales and marketing tools and dashboards including Salesforce and Qualtrics.

Start your project today

Don't let the publishing cycle dictate your schedule. Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the curve and set yourself up for success. Start your next project with Leverage today.

1. Meeting

We get to know your project, define scope, objectives, budget, etc.

2. Proposal

We create a detailed proposal and timeline to review with you.

3. Launch

We assign your dedicated project manager and team, schedule key dates, and get to work!

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