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Different industries use different lingo! We’re here to help with projects related to any user outreach: market research, market development, sales support, and more. We’re masterful at demonstrating software to potential clients to obtain feedback and seed business.  Our time-honored process works across industries!

Trusted by the World's top ed tech companies and more

“A recent project Leverage completed for us has been invaluable to our young product and sales teams. Anne’s deep understanding of the academic market and sales process and her sincere desire to create value for her clients makes it a pleasure to work with her. It’s a luxury to have complete confidence that the work from her team will be thorough, consistent, and accurate.”

Elizabeth O’Brien, Product Manager of Academic Markets, National Restaurant Association

Getting reliable support can be tricky.

Perhaps you’ve hired lots of different freelancers and small companies over the years, and you’ve had a variety of experiences. Sometimes the work is high-quality…and sometimes, it’s not. Either way, you don’t always have transparency into what they’re doing. 

Not every freelancer can do every job well, and handing over your high-priority projects requires a deep level of trust.

You can trust Leverage!

Over 10+ years, we’ve done a broad range of customer outreach projects, so assume we can do it—and we’d love to discuss the project you have in mind.

We craft each project to address specific client needs.

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Our most popular services

Rapid review

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One-on-one engagements

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Reverse product experience

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"I hired Leverage because I loved Anne's energy, and I felt that her team would deliver. They were really professional, really thorough. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and depth of information they collected. They went beyond my expectations and I couldn't ask for more. Money well spent!"

Brian Murphy Group

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Our projects range from “short and sweet” to long-term collaborations and partnerships.

We specialize in user interviews for product development, personalized digital product demos and more. One-on-one engagements yield a high ROI because they lead to stronger relationships. Our time with your customer can be used for qualifying, selling, gathering feedback, driving brand affinity, moving leads through your funnel, testing concepts, and/or onboarding new customers.

We conduct written surveys to drive awareness of your product, generate leads, and help you understand your prospects and users.

Reverse Product Tests give your prospects the chance to try out your product—followed by a one-on-one conversation with us. We’ll uncover and document any objections so you can go in and close the business.

We acquire and evaluate data on new or existing markets to help you determine market size and potential opportunities. We also interview market leaders to determine market viability and potential customers of future products.

By conducting product reviews, competitive reviews, and user research, we help you create a product development strategy that will ensure sales growth and profitability.

Any activity designed to bring in more sales is something we can help with. We’re poised to help you qualify new leads, opportunities, decision dynamics, and key decision makers. We can move opportunities forward—setting you up to close the deal.

We create the tools required to service existing customers and develop new business so that your sales team has all the materials needed to advance opportunities through the sales funnel.

We help your team scale up during the very busy semester, starting with personalized live support on-boarding and training your customers in your digital platform, as well as behind-the-scenes course builds. If you are launching a new platform, upgrading your platform, or converting customers from another platform, Leverage can help. 

Accurate and usable data is a critical detail in any successful sales campaign. Leverage can help you clean up and organize your data on a spreadsheet, enter it to your CRM, or validate the data that you already have before you import it into your CRM. The summer months are a great time for us to help our clients get their data clean and organized for the next selling season.

Tell us your goals and budget and we can help you develop a roadmap to help you get where you want to go within your budget!

Our flagship solution: One-on-one engagements

Our experienced representatives can host a series of personalized product demonstrations with prospects to showcase new digital products.

It’s one of the best ways to engage, make an impression, and build trust with your top users. After the reviews, our representatives present you with detailed feedback about each experience.

"It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to learn about the new platform. I learned about many exciting features from Teresa Board, who is approachable, professional, and a wonderful person to speak with."

Lydia Chen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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How do one-on-one engagements work?

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1. Connect

Our team sends out invitations, highlights incentives, and schedules one-on-one engagements with your preferred list.

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2. Engage

Our experienced representatives host highly personalized one-on-one product demonstrations with each customer.

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3. Report

We report synthesized feedback on an account level and a market level.

"Leverage does such a great job—they’re really responsive. We had one live review where we had to make some tweaks and restart the live review in the middle and they were able to adjust to that and work with us on the changes. So, they're very adaptable and accommodating."

Lisa Granger, Consulting Marketing Manager, McGraw Hill

Don’t have a huge budget for your project? Let’s chat about what we can do for the budget you do have.